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Old Dude Riding high

Is Verbier all it’s cracked up to be?  Well it depends how addicted you are to zooming down motorway pistes, as opposed to cracking into those hairy long black, unpisted, mogully runs.

Click here for little powder crash film

I like both, although I have to confess that after a few hours of zooming about M5 style, I do get a tad wanton for a bit of hairy scary of piste, popping into the forest kind of adventure skiing, where you don’t really know where you will have to turn next, finally, dropping back on to the piste with burning legs and raspy breath.  Verbier offers both, so for me it’s a brilliant place.  I know everyone moans because the old car park is now a building site, but I don’t care about that.

We took a flight with EasyJet from Bournemouth to Geneva, hired a car from Holiday Autos stopping at the supermarket on the way.  With luggage, three pairs of skiis and food for a week, the guys literally couldn’t move in the car, nor could they see each other at all.  I was the only driver, because they wanted an extra 10 Francs per day for a second driver, and I have annual excess insurance anyway. Our holiday auto’s car was fitted with winter tyres, and an ominous looking pack of snow chains in the boot (I hate snow chains).

The first day was 100% white out, so I thought cosy fire day.  However, the other guys were so hungry for snow, they forced me to go with them.  First big crash occurred when I missed the piste completely and skied straight of a rocky outcrop into thin air, down into a massive powder bowl.  Irritatingly, physics still apply even when you cannot see anything.  Did a sort of head over heels, and then dug myself out of volumous amounts of soft light powder, we laughed but it took ages to get back somewhere close to a skiable area.

The weather improved nicely and we did almost the entire system, including the deliciously long Mont Fort into Nandez run.

Having spent a few days in December with Snow Vole’s Bloggers trip to the French alps, one would expect that I would be curious to compare the luxury and friendliness of snow chateaux with the coziness of our self catering flat.  I like both actually, and truth is I don’t really care what it is, so long as the snow is sweet and the sky is blue.

Finally, we did have an epic gangnam style video shoot at night and yes I do have the raw footage, but at present it’s staying (especially the lift bit) un edited, as they say “what happened in Verbier, stays in Verbier”.

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Old Dude Riding high