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Norrona arrives in London


At 47 Degrees, we are proud to introduce Norrona; a Norwegian outdoor brand established in 1929, and the first company to use GORE-TEX in Europe in 1977.

Norrona has produced high-end performance driven products with integrity, innovation and above all, technical function. The colours are vibrant and fun whilst cleanly performing the task at hand.

We set about testing NORRONA in a wide variety of conditions and places, from -30 in Champery, Switzerland to 90 kilometer winds on the crater of Whakapapa in New Zealand and when we where still smiling we gave it our stamp of approval.

With each range being inspired by the various areas in Norway, the names speak to the users such as the big mountains of Lofoten for skiers and boarders demanding highly durable products or the Narvik concept designed for freeriders who focus on movement and style. Norrona's concept names help customers distinguish the right product for them.

It now has pride of place in our Fulham Rd store, as the most comprehensive range of Norrona in the UK and is a comfortable fit alongside brands such as SCOTT and Mountain Force giving us a collection that we are truly proud to associate ourselves with.

47Degrees · 1925 days ago
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Norrona arrives in London