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New emergency app for Tirol

Emergency App ‘Bergrettung Tirol’

A new emergency app has been developed for use throughout the Tirol province and one which could act as a lifeline in potentially life-threatening situations. When it comes to mountain rescue detecting the exact location of the incident can be challenging and valuable time can be lost. This app enables the transmission of the exact location (GPS coordinated) to the Leitstelle Tirol GmbH at the push of a button and at the same time establishes a telephone connection. The emergency services are alerted and assistance is sent to the scene faster and more precisely. The app is available on Android and iPhone. The Leitstelle Tirol GmbH is the central emergency dispatch centre in Tirol. There is also a test feature to check the data transmission and telephone connection without causing false alarm.

Download on itunes: here

Download on Android: here

Austrian_Tirol · 1906 days ago
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04.12.2012 (1906 days ago)
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New emergency app for Tirol