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New Zealand

Today is one of those rare days I am happy to have a day off the hill, not only is it pouring with rain outside, the closing ceremony is on. It's 10am here and Jessie J is currently singing about price tags while parading around in a big Rolls Royce through a giant octopuss, was not expecting this! Bring on the Spice Girls...


The first 10 days here have flown by with a lot of jump training, hundreds of starts, GS and Ski cross courses. I forgot how awesome it is down here, the people, the place, the skiing... pretty damn magical! I'm a lucky girl.


Today I will rest my shoulder, go to physio, hit up the gym then take a hike up Mt Iron. Not a bad little monday. I'm already looking forward to being back on my skis tomorrow... There is a certain kicker that needs my full attention!

PamThorburn · 2017 days ago
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12.08.2012 (2017 days ago)
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New Zealand