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Moguls comes to Chill Factore

Once you get a bit of technique under your belt, mogul skiing can be really addictive! The great thing about the sport is that its something which we can really train well in the UK. Way back in 2006 my then coach had the idea of approaching SnoZone at Castleford and pushing real  snow bumps on an indoor slope for the first time - and Castleford have pushed moguls ever since ! Its been a huge success and has provided the perfect training venue for both the regional and England team squads as well as giving the public something to challenge their skiing skills.

Now Chill Factore in Manchester are also going to be forming bumps on a monthly basis .The first weekend will be 14,15 and 16th July with some expert coaching going on from ex British Moguls skier  Chris David ( details of how you can get involved on this initial session can be found here ....a  great opportunity to challenge your own skiing and develop your centre of balance and reaction times !! ).

elliekoyander · 2049 days ago
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11.07.2012 (2049 days ago)
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Moguls comes to Chill Factore