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Mid-Season Blues

On Friday I wrote my usual roundup of all things Meribel over the coming week, and in that post mentioned the “Mid Season Blues” .  After writing and publishing the post I realised that if you have never worked a ski season then you may not know what the mid-season blues are, so here is my take on what is meant by mid-season blues and how seasonaires get through them.

To many working a ski season is an amazing opportunity and so to many, what is there to get down about?  Seasonaires live in amazing surroundings, you get to ski every day, party like you will never party again, and be at the beck and call to lovely guests, what more could a person ask for?

The above statements may be true, but throw into that mix the fact you have not seen your family and best friends, boyfriends or girlfriends for 3 months, you have lived & worked in the same place for 3 months and if you know no-one with transport you will not have left that “pretty village” for 3 months, and  the fact you live with up to 10 people in staff accommodation who believe hygiene means washing up dishes at the end of the season and changing their pants & socks  once a week , that idyllic life soon turns into a claustrophobic hell (ok so hell is a little harsh, but it isn`t nice)

By the time February hits many people have got passed the polite smiles,  and the boiling anger that has been building due to guests who have not been very nice, the dirty dishes smelling in the sink of your staff accomm and more,  suddenly comes to the surface, and even skiing / snowboarding everyday cannot suppress the urge to “BREAK FREE” , the weekly skype chat , and regular facebook status updates from friends back home reminds people of what they could be or think they are missing, soon the heart starts to miss a regular life and your liver screams STOP! no more.

This kind of sums up mid-season blues, the frustration of feeling helpless  and this is when fight or flight kicks in, many will choose flight, hand in their notice and go home (after 2 weeks at home regret sets in and then  wish they hadn`t quit) but those who Fight get through the blues, it does take a couple of weeks, which generally include the peak dates of February half term, and anyone who can survive February will make the end of the season.



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Mid-Season Blues