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London 2012

Although I am away training in the USA at the moment , I am really excited to read Tweets and facebook posts about the worlds elite atheltes flying into London to start filling up the Olympic Village!  ...spine tingling memories for me! Once you get over the joy and immense sense of pride of being asked to repesent your county in an Olympic event, it all really sinks in  the moment you land in the airport wearing your special 'arrival' outfit, get given your VIP 'accrediation' documents, get wizzed though the airport procedures, bags taken for you, and then transported to the private and exclusive world of Athletes Village.  The best athletes that the world has got are all there and you are one of them. There's a great vibe but everyone also knows that they are there for the serious business ahead - to push themselves harder than they have ever pushed and go for Gold ! Getting to participate at the 'biggest show on earth' is a result of blood, sweat and tears. I would love to be at home celebrating all the sporting moments of the games , but my programme means that I have to be away working on my own targets and goals towards my next Winter Olympics in Sochi !. So over the next few weeks as  I follow the snow - TeamGB , I will be cheering from afar !!

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elliekoyander · 2044 days ago
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    A great read. Im in Colchester only a short train ride abotu 45 mins to an hour into liverpool street london and see the stadium and village on the way past the railway track. place is buzzing and theres also a motorway lane the west side of london designated for the Olympic village and officials only. £120 fine for anyone who breaches the lanes and tries to use it to jump traffic on the normal lanes. Googd luck with your training and like you will be cheering for Team GB. hope you get in all the training you need and do yourself and use proud when you compete.
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London 2012