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Live Blog from Val d'Isere

Hello snow lovers,

I am so sorry to have taken a month to update you on the wonderful conditions in Val D, not through laziness but I have been running a BASI course and had broken internet!  Anyway enough about me, what's happening here?


Well there is a serious blizzard outside my window right now.  Snow has been forecast all week and each morning has started with a gently snowstorm before clearing into a pleasantly sunny day.  However this afternoon saw the winds pick up, the Solaise Express closing and then one by one high altitude lift following suit.  It's been ferocious through town but the good news is that the winds are due to peak through the night, dying down before the morning lifts tomorrow.


Snow wise, well the 5cm fresh each morning has given the pistes a stunning top coat of snow.  Today was some of the best snow I have skied (on piste) and it looks set to continue as the temperatures are remaining low.  Tomorrow we are due between 10-20cm fresh and another 5cm or so Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  285cm and 140cm are the snow depths currently sitting at the top and bottom of the mountain respectively, there is still tons of the stuff about town even after a warm spell last week.


Off piste routes near to resort have a fresh blanket of snow but in some areas still quite choppy underneath from previous tracks.  Hopefully that's going to change in the next 24 horus.  The avalanche risk is currently at 3 but don't be suprised if that changes tomorrow morning.


It is worth noting that as February kicks off, there is an increase in the number of visitors to town as the french holidays start.  My advice is to get out and up the mountain first thing and enjoy skiing the higher slopes to yourself. Just about everything is open including the Santons and 'L' pistes - get out there and enjoy!


Ski Safe!

LynnSharp · 1842 days ago
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Live Blog from Val d'Isere