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Live Blog from Val d'Isere

The 1st of December started the opening weekend of Val d'Isere.  With over 30cm fresh snow in the village and well over 50cm up top on the pistes, here is a quick guide on what slopes to expect open :


On Bellevarde: La Vert, Diebold, the green and blue runs of the OK, 3J and  Borsat.  It's worth being aware that all of La Face and Santons are closed as is the Fontaine Froide chairlift, so returning from the Grand Pre, Genepy and Collet runs is not possible without a walk!

On Solaise: Open pistes include Madeleine, Col, Fouche, Plan Millet, Glacier and St Jacques. It is not yet possible to ski down from Solaise.

On Pissaillas Glacier : Montet, Pissaillas, Cema, Moraine and Vallon are open.  You can't yet ski down below the Fornet Cable Car.

More is opening up everyday, the ski area will be open from 8: 45 to 16: 45.


In other resort news, the World Cup events were officially confirmed on Thursday by FIS to go ahead - Fantastic!  La Face is looking really good ready for the athletes arriving in just 6 days.  There will be more than 20 stands full of cool products to try and test due to be put up in the Snow Front area at the foot of the race, the atmosphere is going to be fabulous.


Local band Mullit kicked off their first gig of the season last night in Moris Pub and tonight sees the latest, and one of the last nightspots to open as Doudoune opens its doors for the season.  Just about everywhere is in full swing now, so much is going on in Val, I can't wait to be back from Switzerland in a week's time.


Happy Skiing!



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    Amazing - I just can't wait to be back in VDI!!
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Live Blog from Val d'Isere