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LeVeL Gloves presents Team Evolution Summer Race Camps

Last week was the first Level Gloves presents: Evolution Ski Camp of the Summer season, hosted at The Snow Centre, Hemel. The 4 day Camp was sold out, with 45 youngsters taking to the slopes and leaving with a mixture of massive smiles, better technical understanding and some rather stylish marker pen facial hair! As Programme Director Paul Telling explained, "The aim of these training days was to inspire and encourage more people to become more involved in skiing, whether that is by taking up alpine racing or joining a local club and skiing regularly" . The structure and planning of the camp meant that there were 6 groups of 8 skiers who rotated between the 8 coaches & support staff. With fun challenges on the slope including stubbies, technical drills, jumps gates, and fitness & games sessions off the slope the programme for the 4 days meant solid progression and experience was available for all in a super fun environment!

Across the Camp there were a few guest faces who attended to talk to participants about their options in the sport, including English World Cup Skier Ed Drake, BASI trainers and Colin Martin from Solutions4feet who attended for an afternoon to give a couple of workshops to the older athletes about the importance of equipment and how your boot set up can massively effect how you train. The Team Evolution Winter Programme has been going from strength to strength for the past 3 seasons with massive support from its sponsors, so this 4 day camp was an important opportunity to use that success to work with UK facilities and the National and Local press to try to encourage more involvement in the sport at an entry level. The goal, to establish a stronger base of young athletes who are skiing regularly, is intended to help drive the sport forwards and can only be a positive thing for English Snow sports.

There will be an additional two Level Gloves presents: Evolution Summer Camps taking place across the summer, with The Snow Centre, Hemel and Chill Factore, Manchester, both hosting the 4 day camps with a view to allowing more skiers from across the UK the opportunity to become more involved within the sport. If the first camp this past week is anything to go by, these two open camps should do just that.

If you would like anymore information, please contact or on 07595 333 412.

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Team Evolution Alpine Racing, the future of British skiing
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LeVeL Gloves presents Team Evolution Summer Race Camps