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La Plagne

Mountain Heaven have been operating chalets in La Plagne since our beginnings over a decade ago. As part of launching our new blog we thought we'd take ourselves & a camera back out there for some outstanding week's skiing & write a good beginners guide to La Plagne.

The trip was excellent, we covered loads of the piste & made sure we got some real on the ground experience of many of the bars. We stayed at our Chalet Perle in the lovely tree lined station of La Plagne 1800. 

We hope you have a look, especially if you've never been. If you're interested in going to La Plagne, you might have questions that Google just can't answer, feel free to drop us a message on SnowVole or head to our site & use the contact form. We'll be happy to share our knowledge and help you on your way. 

We enjoyed all we could in the week but only a fraction of what is on offer, we tackled a great many of the resorts pistes & visited it's highest peaks but we simply couldn't cover even half of the mighty Paradiski ski area. We skied, we snowboarded and we got out on snow bikes (see our blog!) but we missed out on a whole bunch of alternative and exciting snow activities that La Plagne offers. 

We boiled down the glorious wintery effluent from our trip into our resort review of this excellent bunch of resorts and from this we made La Plagne - the ski variety pack

Mountain Heaven offer both catered and self catered accommodation in several stations of La Plagne, if you like what you see, we'll be delighted to hear from you.

MountainHeaven · 691 days ago
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  •  Greedypig: 
    Stayed at self catering apartments a few times, always good, always good service, my go to provider for La Plagne, I'll be back when the new Coqs chairlift is installed!
     690 days ago 
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Great Value catered Chalets and Self Catered Apartments
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La Plagne