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Just add Water

As  all round ‘extreme’ guys (cough cough…) that we are, we fall right into the Energy Drinks target demographic, and most of us fell for the marketing to one extent or another. Whilst the money that Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and the rest bring to the market is not a bad thing as over the years the soda companies have paid for many a season/competition/helicopter/movie or toilet roll, but there comes a point where we started to overconsume, and to much of that liquid green stuff, carbonated cough syrup, liquid cocaine just gives us at best the squits at worst maybe organ damage or diabetes.

I have to admit that I was really guilty of drinking to much, with a busy day job, family and lifestyle I’ve been running on a few cans a day for a couple of years, and comps, trades shows etc blagging as much as my bag could carry... so so not good!!

So anyway after Christmas I decide enough was enough and the Energy Drinks have been banished and I’m back on good old fashioned water, from the tap at home and from the machine at work, I went through the ringer at first, I was grumpy, tired, sick.. but now I’m through that, by god I feel so much better, I’ve lost a few kg’s, have real energy again and can poop solids ( i know to much detail) !!

So whilst I was on this personal journey, I discovered (by the power of Facebook) Austin Smith and Bryan Fox’s ‘Drink Water’ site/campaign and it really gave me a bit of moral encouragement and to be honest made being a water drinker a little bit cool!!

With a website, facebook profile, some merchandise, a cool logo and some shred friends ‘Drink Water’ are promoting the use of drinking water in snowboarding, plus a contribution from each sale goes towards helping the poorest people on the planet get their hands on some clean, safe water as well.

It's not a ram down the throat or sales pitch, it's just a reminder about what we put down our necks (and let our kids put down theirs) in the name of snowboarding!!

Anyway, check out the Drink Water site, find them on facebook or check out this article from the NY Times, and put down that can and grab a bottle of water!!

shredpunk · 2200 days ago
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Just add Water