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Japan - The Powder Paradise

For most people it’s all about the powder days - there’s nothing better than floating through deep, dry powder up to your waist and gasping for air after every face shot! I grew up on the New Zealand ski fields where we got our fair share of great days but the Northern Hemisphere is where I really wanted to be. I heard Europe could be quite inconsistent so I headed to North America, firstly Canada and then down to Utah and Colorado, USA.

Steamboat Springs, CO turned out to be the pick of the bunch – loads of snow and definitely the lightest and driest. I finally understood why they coined the term "Champagne Powder"! After spending 4 winters there I started to hear rumours about Japan and how amazing the snow was, but how could it be better than Steamboat? My curiosity got the better of me so the next winter I packed my bags and headed for the land of the rising sun.

Snow Glorious Snow

Japan has over 300 resorts so the question was where to start? I had heard of two main areas where loads of Aussies and Kiwis went so I figured they must be the best and the language barriers would hopefully be minimised. The areas were Nagano on the main island of Honshu and Niseko on the northern island of Hokkaido. Nagano was my first stop and I visited 5 of the resorts in the area – each one was awesome and had amazing terrain, and most importantly it snowed like crazy! There were quite a few Westerners working there so communicating wasn’t an issue, and every Japanese person I met was friendlier than the last. They were definitely the most polite and helpful people I had ever met and Japan was growing on me fast. The only drawbacks in Nagano were that the resorts were all on different lift passes and they were also a reasonable distance apart so you needed a car to get to them all.


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Japan - The Powder Paradise