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It's snowing...Finally

So having been in the Alps for 2 weeks already, there hadn't been much to report, but over the past 48 hours the snow has finally arrived!

originally planning just 2 weeks here in Le Praz, with the little snow there was being incredibly icy in the morning and then having to attempt to swim down the mountain in the afternoon, the prospect of snow was just to tempting, so here I am for another week. 

Its still falling as I type now and the ditches and mud that I've had to endure has finally gone. I think we're in for a good week, cold temperatures but sunshine, so if you're not already in the alps, get out here quick as rumour has it that next week, it's getting warm again :( 

skichevel · 1150 days ago
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    So pleased you have finally got to see some snow falling and hope you get to have some skiing
     1149 days ago 
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28.12.2014 (1150 days ago)
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It's snowing...Finally