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Is now the best time to buy a property in the French Alps?

Most passionate skiers and snowboarders have daydreamed at some point of owning their own ski chalet or apartment.  For those who have, it is usually for the purpose of making a long term investment as well as feeding their snow sports addiction. 

The French Alps have always been the most popular choice for the Brits and with the recent surge in activity in this market, you may be considering making that plunge, but still have reservations.  Is now the best time to buy a property in the French Alps?  Here ski property website, explains why it is.

Easily Accessible

The French Alps are practically on our doorstep and easily accessible by coach, train, plane, or car.  If you are flying, you can reach some resorts like Morzine in less than three hours from being at a London airport!  The rail network across France is suburb so travelling by train is hassle free and easy. 

The Exchange Rate

In Britain, we have fared a lot better in coming out of the double-dip world recession than our European neighbours, resulting in the pound gaining strength against the Euro.  Basically, you now get more bang for your buck!


Even for those who can afford to buy a property outright, many still opt for the leaseback finance option considering it ideal as a safe, hassle-free, low risk, long term investment.  A leaseback is a French state initiative and is basically a buy-to-let scheme, but with very rigid set rates and terms.

The most popular option is to buy an off-plan new build property using the scheme, and then lease it back to the developer.  This ensures a rent guarantee for 9-11 years, with the maintenance and management costs covered.  This is a guaranteed set income with a big tax break and several weeks of self-usage a year.

Although there have been changes in recent times, the French have been running this popular scheme now for over 30 years.

Lack of Confidence

The French economy has been on the ropes for a while now, resulting in a lack of confidence in the domestic French property market.  There are excellent opportunities to be had due to increasingly reduced property prices.

It is the French Alps!

The French Alps have always been by far the most popular destination for British Skiers and Snowboarders.  This fact is not likely to change in the near future.

For turning that pipe dream into a reality and to find your perfect place in the French Alps, visit are dedicated to providing information and unbiased assessment on where and how to buy the best mountain property.

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Is now the best time to buy a property in the French Alps?