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How to get perfect ski balance and posture

The 'sweetspot' is an amazing ski secret familiar to ski professionals, but not common knowledge with everyone else. Expert skiers know that balancing on the sweetspot is essential for good style, control and performance. Modern skis and boots are designed to work around this point, and using the sweetspot requires much less effort – which greatly reduces fatigue and muscle pain, making skiing at any speed much safer.

So how do you find this spot?  With the SkiA Sweetspot Trainer.

It's a revolutionary new device consisting of specially designed balance blocks that clip to the underneath of a skier’s boot to line up exactly with the location of the sweetspot, helping to improve balance and co-ordination. By wearing the trainer, skiers can practise on the balance blocks away from the slopes so that when they hit the snow, their balance and coordination on the sweetspot is dramatically improved. Perfect for getting better at skiing during the summer months!

The trainer has been trialled and endorsed extensively by ski professionals, who are really enthusiastic about how helpful it is in improving the way we all ski.  There are loads of lovely comments on our website, but here are a couple for starters:

The Sweetspot Trainer was developed with Hugh Monney - founder of the British Alpine Ski School (BASS) who commented; “The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer gives skiers the opportunity to improve their balance and coordination in a very sophisticated way. After a few minutes practice on the trainers, skiers benefit from a very clear and specific understanding of what it means to balance skilfully on skis. This is an insight that can elude even very experienced skiers. The Sweetspot Trainers will take users directly to this new experience."

James Lamb, BASI International Ski Teacher and Director of BASS Morzine added; “Great skiing depends upon great balance, yet most skiers are unaware of how to balance accurately.  The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer is a fantastic tool for developing the natural, coordinated movements necessary for skilful skiing and directing them through specific balance targets.  The Sweetspot Trainer is a powerful training aid that will benefit every single skier, regardless of ability.”

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Change the way you ski forever
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How to get perfect ski balance and posture