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Hi From Snow Cat

Hi There,

Firstly introductions, I’m Cat, I’m a former (and maybe future) ski rep/guide that has worked two seasons in the Alps.  Unfortunately I’m not currently working in the Alps as real life has taken over… temporarily. I am however still madly in love with the mountains and try to get out there as much as possible in summer and winter.

It was suggested to me a while ago that I give blogging a go and like most people, completely forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago, when it was mentioned again.  After mulling it over for a while I thought ‘why not’, I talk about skiing all the time to people that really aren't interested , at least this way, you guys all know what I’m going on about (I hope) and not shout ‘shut up’ from across the room.

I’m not quite sure where to start, I’m writing this on my lunch break, I’m  a recruitment consultant, currently wondering where my next commission cheque is coming from to pay for my flight back out to the Alps.  I’ve already been out there once this season, for 2 weeks over Christmas, but I’m desperate to get back out there, I’m also rather jealous of my friend who is currently ‘shredding’ and bragging about the snow conditions whilst I’m gazing out of the window where the view is nothing more than a car park. 

I guess what I’ll be doing over the coming months is generally sharing info about the mountains, resorts, experiences during my seasons and holidays, for as long as you guys are happy to read them.

I've made a start to my first ‘real’ post, which will be focusing on my favourite resort of all-time/so far…Courchevel in the 3 Valleys.


Ski/Snowboard holidays are expensive at the best of times, and that’s without being in an exclusive resort so I’ll hopefully help to keep things on a budget without compromising the experience. 


I hope you all enjoy my posts, of course feedback would be appreciated, I have never ‘blogged’ in my life so if you have anything to add or comment, it would be greatly received :o)


Watch this space :o)

skichevel · 1490 days ago
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  •  Greedypig: 
    looking forward to your next blog. Well done.
     1489 days ago 
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Hi From Snow Cat