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Heli Skiing into the New Year . . .

That’s my ride, right there . . .


Up there . . .

Oh the chopper?

Yep that’s me!!

Who has been heli skiing? Would you recommend it? Silver Swan have yet to experience it personally but we know recruits who have been there and done that and said it is the most incredible experience.

It is one to do yourself, with friends, or better still, recommend to guests.

Silver Swan are friends with ‘The Pook’ some of you may know it as ‘Val Heli Ski’ . . . .

If you are looking for the adventure of a life time then get in touch with Claire Jeffery at

If you are a good skier, bored of the same slopes, have tried off piste but looking for the freshest tracks and don’t like quieting for lifts then this is definitely for you.

If you are a keen photographer and want to capture the most incredible scenery, this will also be up your street.

Imagine, taking off in your own helicopter with friends, doing a few drops and stopping for a picnic in your own secluded wonderland . . . . .

Have we sold it to you? We have sold it to ourselves.

Get in touch with Claire for more information and don’t forget to send your stories back to us and we will repost on the Silver Swan Facebook Page.

If you are not already a fan then please click here or search Silver Swan Recruitment to keep up to date with the latest news from resort, current vacancies and information and much more.

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Heli Skiing into the New Year . . .