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Going for the Win!

Qualifying in 3rd for my first race of the season was great! I skied strong and made it through the rounds and in to the final. There was no denying, I was going for it, so with a pretty average start all the girls were on top of each other. Determined to stand my ground I held my line on the inside of the gate... that's when the others who also wanted the inside lane moved in.


It happened in a split second, I remember making some flips and rolls down the hill and into the nets thinking... ohh I hope someone filmed this!


Unfortunately my knee got slightly twisted in the netting and is currently misbehaving a little. With some pretty impressive bruises and swelling, some TLC and a lot of ice over the next few days will have me back on form in no time.


Heading to Canada tomorrow for the World Cup opener, i'm psyched to be getting back out to my favourite place... the Canadian Rockies!

PamThorburn · 1914 days ago
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26.11.2012 (1914 days ago)
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Going for the Win!