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From Russia with Love

Currently sitting in the departures lounge of Amsterdam airport waiting for my flight to Sochi. Not only will this be the first and only time for any of us to see the Ski Cross track, it will be the only chance we get to race on it before the Olympics in less that a years time.

The countdown is on and I still have so far to go, not only with myself and my skiing, but also sponsorship. I’m keeping positive my knight and shining armour will swoop in and back me for the games. Hey, it’s Valentines Day we can all dream right?

The last 2 World Cup races have been good for me, not great but good. I made my first Olympic qualifier with a 24th in Megeve and I was 25th in Grasgehren, picking up vital World Cup points to move me up the rankings.

Taking some much needed rest for my very stressed shins, I’ve been making the most of being home and seeing friends. Ready to get back to it, I’m excited about Sochi, not only to see the amazing venue but to experience the whole Russian culture, even if it is only for 5 days…

PamThorburn · 1831 days ago
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14.02.2013 (1831 days ago)
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From Russia with Love