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First World Cup!

Canada was always going to be fun for me, I love the place, the people and the ski hills.


Going into my first World Cup Ski Cross, I wasn't sure what to expect. My mind played tricks on me the night before my first official training and I was imagining all sorts of craziness. In reality, it was awesome. Everything I was hoping for. There were loads of jumps and new features and with so much to work on I took every moment of training I could get.


The race was a little dissapointing, I had been training well and was confident on the course. I skied a little too 'safe' all over and didn't have the speed I needed. Having said that, I moved up positions and took more confidence from skiing there 2 days than I did my whole summer training.


All in all, a good start to my World Cup career... on to round 2!


Pam x

PamThorburn · 1897 days ago
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    We are extremely proud of your First World Cup race result Pam and you should be too - Keep it up!!
     1896 days ago 
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12.12.2012 (1897 days ago)
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First World Cup!