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Faster, higher , stronger


Moguls - heres the deal. The second you push off in the start gate you are racing against the clock . You ski at terminal velocity. You've got to be the fastest on the hill but the  course consists of bumpy terrain that is constantly challenging your balance, your timing, your courage ...just waiting to grab the smallest mistake and spit you out !. You flow straight into your first 'air' so fluidly that it looks and feels like its happening in slow motion ( the airs judges are dialed in to your every move- score sheets and red pens at the ready ) land perfectly without skidding,  bullet through the steep and long technical middle section where your turn shape is scrutinised by 5 technical 'turns' judges, as you charge faster and faster for the bottom kicker, flying high into the air pulling a huge trick in front of big crowds and the critical eyes of judges at the bottom land, and race for the finish line!

First thing you check is your speed - how fast was I against the pace time and race leader?  Then your all important turn scores flash up -if you skid at any time, and I mean at any point in your run, or lose rhythm, line, have a 'bobble', ski backseat, your score gets slashed by the technical judges who also crop your score if you 'straight line' though the troughs - in competitive moguls skiing you have to carve and you have to be technically perfect.

Your combined airs scores flash up - although they are only 25% of your overall score they have to be the best on the hill. The slightest mistake, landing on your tails, touching down with your hand , skidding the landing with a speed check, flying off axis, flying low.. and you slide down the placings. So, to stand a chance of getting in the podium zone you have to have it all under your belt, speed, technique and airs. And thats it, .... 25 seconds of blistering adrenalin charged concentration and perfect performance, skiing absolutely flat out!

Each year the game moves on , the tricks get more complex and with the advances of technical video analysis and sports science the skiers get meaner and faster! But thats what I love about the discipline, its not forgiving and its forever evolving. I train all year round wth my coaches developing my skiing all the time, getting stronger in the gym, developing my airs on the trampoline, on the water ramp and taking the end product to the start gate at the start of the World Cup season.  The Olympic motto 'faster, higher, stronger' - well, that describes what I do in just 3 well chosen words!

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Moguls course

elliekoyander · 2043 days ago
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    Good luck in all that you do Ellie.
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Faster, higher , stronger