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Enjoy Your Favourite Resorts in the Summer

  Winter has come to an end and that means unfortunately so has the ski season. So here at Ski-hub we turn our attention to holidays spent enjoying summer sunshine rather than embracing a snow storm!

Summer holidays are often synonymous of hot temperatures, mesmerising islands and white sandy beaches. We all love these types of holidays, but why not consider other options, and explore other parts of Europe. Picture this alternative; pleasant temperatures with plenty of sun, stunning lakes, beautiful foliage and wildlife, incredible views and plenty of fresh air. Summer holidays in the mountains are mesmerising in their own way, and they always have something to offer everyone.

Why Choose a Mountain Holiday?

Do you live in a city and crave a change to the everyday urban panorama? Do you want to move away from the herd and experience a different type of summer holiday? Head to the open, peaceful mountains and enjoy a relaxing (or active) summer holiday amongst some breathtaking scenery. [caption id="attachment_6616" align="alignright" width="215"]Dolomites Sun-hub summer holidays in the Dolomites[/caption] First the majestic landscape of Alpine destinations is often awe-inspiring, especially during the summer season with the green meadows, blue skies, tranquil lakes and impressive mountain backgrounds. You will be blown over by all the beauty of unspoilt mountain villages, set in incredible locations.   [caption id="attachment_6617" align="alignleft" width="259"]Chablais, Vaudoises Alpes Sun-hub summer holidays in the Alps[/caption] Another benefit of spending your summer holidays in the mountain is of course the fresh air. The high altitude and limited traffic means the air  is fresher and cleaner which will do wonders for your health. From past to present, visitors to the mountains come to the clinics and hospitals as well as to detox their bodies and improve their health. Today, a lot of hotels in mountain resorts offers wellness facilities which are perfect for getting rid of the daily stress and relax in a charming environment. [caption id="attachment_6618" align="alignright" width="300"]Mountain bike holidays Sun-hub mountain bike holidays[/caption] As well as offering the possibility of detox, peace and quiet and relaxation, mountain holidays also provide plenty of exciting outdoor activities. Fun and adventure seekers will be delighted with the challenging and harsh aspect of what the mountain has to offer. Hiking, biking, canoeing, climbing, the list goes on. Most resorts/mountain villages provide a variety of activities for all levels and all ages which satisfy everybody.   Finally, the local cuisine is a huge draw to a mountain holiday. The fresh, high quality ingredients (often organic) are hard to beat and most of the time sourced locally. Delicious! [caption id="attachment_6619" align="aligncenter" width="169"]cheese-1264079_1920 Local cuisine in the European Alps[/caption]   Mountain holidays have something to offer everyone, and are a wonderful solution for those looking to break the norm. We hope we have convinced you but for further inspiration have a look at our selection of mountain  holiday types and accommodations ideas. [caption id="attachment_6620" align="aligncenter" width="331"]Accommodation ideas Sun-hub summer accommodation ideas[/caption]

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Enjoy Your Favourite Resorts in the Summer