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Taking children skiing can be a wonderful experience, seeing them start from as young as 3 and progressing through the levels until the day arrives (usually around the age of 8) when they will beat you down any mountain and literally show you up on the mountain!

By this stage they will probably be wanting to hit the snowparks in which ever chosen resort you have headed to for the annual family ski trip, as a place many parents may not have entered,  allowing a child to experience the bumps, kickers and rails can be daunting and for many is the “forbidden” area, unless you book your child in with a ski school class for advanced young skiers for looking to try the park.

As a seasonaire who has experienced seasons pre child and after child, I can tell you that one of the most unnerving sights in a park is in-experienced skiers taking their children through, piste users unsure of park etiquette and most importantly un-sure how to actually attack the bumps, kickers and boxes.  For experienced skiers and riders the park is fun and everyone has been at the unnerved,  learning stage to reach confident park rat, but ensuring you are safe is of the upmost importance,  and as a parent if you wish to ride the park with your child I would say take a lesson if you have never been in, most ski schools will offer group and private freestyle park coaching sessions, learn about the do`s and dont`s, that way all are safe.

As a family we love hitting the park, and as lil`aktiv has improved so has his confidence to hit things in the park, from the age of 4 he was sliding over little boxes but at that age he was still “clinging onto mummy`s apron strings” so to speak so he was pretty safe, but as the years have passed by (well 3 winters now) he has let go and learning park protocol is top priority for many reasons, one being my sanity as I see him going through the park, two his safety and thirdly, other peoples safety.

Always  remember,  have fun !

I have posted a video on the snowvole site to follow up on my blog of a childs view of the park, video footage taken by 6 year old lil`aktiv 3rd Jan 13

AktivExperience · 1870 days ago
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