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Changes to Austrian employment law may inhibit U.K operators

A change in how Austrian minimum wage rules apply to seasonal staff may create difficulties for U.K ski tour operators in Austria

Planned changes to Austrian employment law threatens to significantly increase the operating costs of foreign tour operators selling holidays in Austria. The latest in a long line of legal adjustments that throw up new challenges to the British ski busineses out there. The news hasn't been well recieved by U.K ski specialists Powder White & other major tour operators who intend to challenge the move.

The Planned Changes to the Law

  • Staff employed by foreign tour operators (including the U.K) will be need to meet the Austrian national minimum wage requirement in a similar way to domestic Austrian employers of seasonal staff
  • The various "benefits in kind" that make up part of the seasonairre's package like accommodation & food are not able to be ofset against the minimum wage salary
  • The Austrian minimum wage law requires employers to pay their staff for 14 months each year
  • The consequence of this change means that holiday staff may get paid higher rates and for 7 months rather than 6 months
  • This is very likely to raise the costs of U.K ski holiday businesses operating in Austria & could influence the price we pay to enjoy Austria's excellent skiing

Check out The Summit - For a bit more information on changes to Austrian employmeny law & the effects on the U.K ski industry

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Changes to Austrian employment law may inhibit U.K operators