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Bootfitting at 47 Degrees

Here at 47 degrees we have been fitting and customizing ski boots for our customers since 1986, providing the ultimate in fit, comfort and performance.  Listening to your experiences and feedback, together with our knowledge and experience we are able to select the correct boot and fit for your needs.

Bootfitting Service

Contact us to make an appointment by calling 020 7731 5415 or emailing

At the appointment we start with an initial assessment of foot and lower body biomechanics, skiing history and what you wish to achieve with your skiing.

From this information we select a boot, which best suits, your foot shape and performance level needs.

We discuss the advantages of having a fully customized orthotic giving you ultimate comfit and fit.

Final adjustment and cuff alignment then ensure the perfect fit.

Although we always attempt to achieve the perfect fit in store some problems may not present themselves until the boot is skied.  This is why at 47 Degrees all boots bought from us are covered by our comfort fit guarantee entitling the customer to come back and have their boots refitted free of charge within one calendar year.

There are no fitting costs for boots purchased at 47 Degrees. This includes stretching and all adjustments




If you require your existing boots to be refitted you can also book an appointment with one of our boot fitters who will aim to make your boots fit correctly.  However if this is not possible we will explain why you have the wrong boot and suggest some other options.

Boot fitting is our specialty.  Whether your boots are old or new, it’s about the correct fit, not the sale.  We will always offer to make your existing boots fit first.

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Bootfitting at 47 Degrees