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Athlete to... Model?

I was excited to get to Saas Fee as the weather was picture perfect and the the snow conditions amazing, the difference was that this time I wasn't training, I was modelling. Yup you read that right, along side 4 other British team athletes, we were shooting for 'dare2be', everything from ski gear to road cycling, even with some apres ski thrown in as well.


My first impression was- it looks so glam! Well, its not. Crazy long ass days trying over and over to get 'the shot', finding time to fit in eating and drinking was a bit of a problem. Also the fact that my sizeable skiers legs didn't always fit into the sample sizes.


Meeting the other athletes was awesome and I love taking a pic or two, but I think I will stick to skiing!


PamThorburn · 1973 days ago
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25.09.2012 (1973 days ago)
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Athlete to... Model?