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Are you missing out??! If you're not in Zermatt then yes! Or anywhere in the alps for that matter. Across Europe we're seeing some massive snowfalls, and Zermatt is no different. Stepping off the train in Zermatt station, cold air, snow on the ground and a ginormous Christmas tree twinkling away. It's good to be back! After a well needed nights sleep and a day of organising permits and uniforms, today was the first day back on the slopes and all I can say is bring on the winter!! It was a chilly -16 first thing this morning with a bit of cloud that cleared to reveal a glorious sunny afternoon. We've had bucket loads (yes, that's the technical term) of snow over the past week; light, dry and fluffy. Perfect. The groomers have been out and about so the mountain is really shaping up. The forecast is for a little more of the white stuff over the weekend, the more the merrier! We can ski the areas of Sunnega, Gornergrat/Riffelberg and the Schwarzee up to Glacier areas. With the heavy snow there has been some limited opening although there'll be more and more lifts and pistes opening up over the next week as town gets busier and Christmas approaches. It's good to be back in town, seeing old faces and meeting new, hearing tales of antics involving poor visibility, lots of snow, and cliffs... A little reminder that although we have some great snow around at the minute, lets not forget the mountain is boss! There's a pirate party tonight at new bar 'The Cable Car' so if you don't hear from me soon then I've probably been kidnapped by swashbuckling snow pirates and I'll be sailing the seven seas of Switzerland... Bis sp├Ąter, Heidi. p.s What do you call a rich Elf??? Answers on a postcard!! (Or in the comments box :p )
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