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Applying For A Ski Job

Applying for a winter season job can sometimes be very frustrating, due to the sheer number of people fighting for these vacancies. Employers receive hundreds of applicants for their roles, here are just some tips on what will make your application stronger which may help differentiate your application from all the others. What is very important to remember though is this is purely my personal opinion; all HR managers/recruiters like different things and have different views on what is important in an application, how a CV should be laid out and what content should be focused on. But here is the way I like to see an applicant approach a company for employment... I hope it is of some help to you.

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SnowJobz · 1667 days ago
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Everything you need for a job in the snow!
28.07.2013 (1667 days ago)
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Applying For A Ski Job