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A Bit of Light Reading

I’m reading a book at the moment; it’s called ‘Chalet Boy – The diary of my first ski season – Aged 31’.  I have to be honest and say, I did start reading it whilst I was away at Christmas skiing, but then got back into the usual tv watching routine when I got back, so I’ve made a point of trying to finish it before I head back out (when I’ll start a new one).  I have to say for a kindle book (I think it was 69p or something), I was pleasantly surprised. 


It’s a comedy diary of a guy’s season working in a chalet in Le Carroz in France.  I have to admit it got me to thinking about my experiences during my two seasons, anyone who has done a season can relate to his story and would recommend it to anyone contemplating doing a season because it really is just like he says. I find myself laughing out loud because I have myself been in similar situations, with colleagues, employers and guests. 


The only thing that has disappointed me about this book is the apres…or lack of it.  I have never known any seasonnaire, to be this anti-social and this is what made my seasons so memorable. Now I was always keen to get up the mountain nice and early but the point he has missed is that its your guests that can make or break your season and a little effort with the guests could have made a big difference to both their holiday and his experience.  Apart from moaning about them, I am yet to find an occasion where he has shown an interest in his guests, which I find quite odd. I have found myself really very angry and upset after a guest and his group had a rant at me on the coach because we were stuck in traffic (yep entirely out of my control). I hated the man at that time, but by the next day we were out skiing and all was forgotten, everyone then had a really good week. Venturing out for a ski or few drinks with guests, room-mates and colleagues will create those ‘highlights’ of your season and although I applaud anyone that saves their tips for a trip to the states, I don’t think he had the full seassonaire experience. Quite frankly, if you haven’t had to get through a transfer day hungover, you simply haven’t done it properly.


I do sit at my desk some days wondering what I am missing and thinking “what I would give to have a nightmare 48 hour transfer day with guest screaming at me because their plane was unable to land in 6ft of snow”. I really loved that you never know whats going to happen, that every week you would meet a new group of guests and had no idea what they would be like, would they keep to themselves, come out skiing, socialising? You literally had no idea what would be thrown at you each day and that is the great thing about doing seasons, you will forever have stories to tell about the nice, horrible and totally random people that you have met along the way. Maybe I should have kept a diary…maybe there's still time :o)

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    Try "bugaboo dreams" the story of the formation of cmh heliskiing for some additional inspiration...
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A Bit of Light Reading