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60 Second Interview Chemmy Alcott


Q1    Have you ever seen a SnowVole on the slope or are you too focused to notice who is watching you race?

No all eyes are on the prize! There are so many distractions that you really have to focus as a racer on tunnel vision.



Q2    Where did you learn to ski and did it take you  long to learn?

I was 18 months old in Flaine in France on a family holiday. And I am still learning. I don't think you ever stop learning!



Q3    You actually compete in all the major disciplines but which is your favourite and why?

OOh tough one - I love skiing lots of disciplines as i relish the variety.

Having said that I do love the skills you need to be a good SG skier - you need confidence to ski hard at speed with just an inspection (unlike downhill where you get training runs)



Q4    What about competing in skier cross, Does it appeal?

Not yet. I have fought for a long time to be one of the worlds best alpine skiers and I have still have a lot of work to do. Maybe when I have retired I will try skier cross but it is not my time yet.



Q5    How does skating out on the Ice every Sunday night compare to standing in the starting gate?

Very different, when I skate I have to be conscious of everything - I have to skate well but I have to perform. I have to be precise with my emotions and be aware of my partner, Sean. When I race it is just me in the start gate preparing to push myself to my limit whichever way possible. No one is judging me in technique, no one cares how I look, no one wants to see delicate fingers, they just want to see fast skiing!



Q6    Of course your boyfriend is Dougie Crawford the current UK no.1 downhill skier. Have you got to see much of his skiing this year and how has it been watching him compete and not being out on the hill yourself?

Sadly Dougie got injured New Years Eve so we have spent more time together than planned which has been lovely but far from ideal. Either way though I support him every step of the way - he is a fantastic skier with huge potential.




Q7    You recently announced you hope to be back on the snow. we're very excited about seeing you on the snow too! When will you start training?

May on a glacier in Europe. I can't wait I know it won't be easy but hopefully my feelings will come back really quickly!



Q8    And we're  really hoping to see you at Sochi in  2014, what are you aiming for?

Watch this space who knows - but I wouldn't have fought back to get where I am if I didn't believe in my ability.


Q9    Are you going to keep up the skating after Dancing on ice?

Yes most definitely - its a fabulous sport and am so lucky to have had a crammer course in learning at 29 years old by the worlds best!



Q10    You're obviously a natural on camera. what's next in the world of media, will we see you in the jungle?

Haha who knows! When I retire from skiing I want to be a female adventurer/explorer because we don't have as many women out there doing what the men can do!


Thanks so much for you time Chemmy, we can't wait to see you back out on the hill

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    This is going to be a BIG winter for Chemmy. Check out the Metro article about her and Olympics here: ic-skier-chemmy-alcott-this-is-my-l ast-chance-to-go-fast-3921679/
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60 Second Interview Chemmy Alcott