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2012 Martin Bell Summer Camp a success

My 2012 camp, held at the Southampton artificial ski slope, took place against the dramatic and inspiring backdrop of the London Olympics.

As with most of this summer in the UK, the weather was damp and drizzly for the first three days, but we finished with some lovely sunshine on the Thursday and Friday.
43 trainees participated in the camp, which included, as always, technique drills and gate training on the slope, interspersed with fitness sessions and fun games on the nearby playing fields.
Sadly, due to the increasing costs of transatlantic travel, especially during the summer months, this was my final time running the camp.
In future, the camp will continue to take place at Southampton, and will be run by Spenser Pession, who has coached at the camps since 2003.
Spenser GS
Reece GS1
Reece GS2
Reece SL

However, I will be continuing to run my winter camps in Zermatt with Powder Byrne:

MartinBell · 2016 days ago
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14.08.2012 (2016 days ago)
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2012 Martin Bell Summer Camp a success