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2011/12 Big Sky video

A nice video review of the season here:

It snowed above 9000 feet here last night but the weather is beginning to warm up gradually...

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    What Is Acetanilide?

    key words:2-Phenylacetamide,103-81-1 dic-1807.html

    Acetanilide ,also known as N-phenylacetamide, acetanil, or acetanilid, and was formerly known by the trade name Antifebrin, is an odourless solid chemical of leaf or flake-like appearance. Acetanilide was once found in willow bark and cinchona bark. It was refined from these substances in the 1900's and was found to decrease the blood's ability to absorb oxygen, but scientists later discovered that acetaminophen could be separated from acetanilide and did not have the same effect on the blood. Doxepin does not have much of a history.

    Chemical Properties
    Acetanilide is in the general category of organic chemicals, since its main element is carbon. More specifically, it is an amide since it contains a carbon double bonded to an oxygen atom, while that same carbon is also connected to a nitrogen atom. It is also classified as an aromatic compound because the six carbon phenyl ring is contained in its molecular structure. Its chemical formula is CH3CONHC6H5. This chemical goes by numerous other names, including acetaminobenzene and acetanil.

    Industry mainly uses this chemical as an intermediate during the making of other chemicals. These include dyes and pharmaceutical drugs. Polymer chemists utilize acetanilide to accelerate the reactions that produce rubbers as well as a plasticizer to increase the pliability of various plastics. The makers of hair bleaching products based on hydrogen peroxide sometimes add acetanil to their product to stabilize the peroxide and prevent it from deteriorating on storage. The makes of cellulose varnishes also employ it as a stabilizing additive.

    Acetanilide was the first aniline derivative serendipitously found to possess analgesic as well as antipyretic properties, and was quickly introduced into medical practice. After several conflicting results over the ensuing fifty years, it was established in 1948 that the product was mostly metabolized to paracetamol in the human body, and that it was the paracetamol that was responsible for the analgesic and antipyretic properties.The observed methemoglobinemia after its administration was ascribed to the small proportion of acetanil that is hydrolyzed to aniline in the body. Acetanil is no longer used as a drug in its own right.

    Acetanilide(such as 2-Phenylacetamide , C8H9NO) can be toxic by ingestion and has an LD50 (dose that kills half of test animals) for rats of 800 mg per kilogram of body weight. Ingestion of lesser quantities causes central nervous system depression. Skin exposure causes irritation, although chronic exposure can lead to dermatitis. It will also cause irritation to the lungs if inhaled. If it burns, it will produce some toxic byproducts such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

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2011/12 Big Sky video